Keeping Pace in Modern Web Development


Small companies often seem to be overwhelmed with making the right decisions.

  • A product isn’t offered as a SaaS multi-tier package
  • A Product isn’t easy to acquire
  • A product isn’t available as an open-source package
  • A product is slow and not scalable
  • A product became too expensive to obtain or maintain
  • A product is only available on-premise or on desktop.
  • A product is service-intensive
  • A product requires a sales meeting to become a quote

Then why not just improve the game — Why struggle to enhance?

Digital Transformation is an ongoing thing, but it often suddenly stops for small web dev shops.

Yesterday’s digital for a web company isn’t the today’s digital

How to utilize state-of-the-art technologies to upgrade your business

Practical: Implement the skills in the team and focus on DevOps

Theoretical: Read, write, learn, and talk every day.

Get a consultant — The smart shortcut! Or not?

The web isn’t too complex — it’s just more challenging than ever.



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Adrian Stanek

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